PVR Bulletin – March 2018

PROJECT: VetRelief Spotlight

Michael & Jeremy

Michael Beaven has recovered from his recent surgery and is now back in the office as of Monday, February 26th. With having him back, this means PROJECT: VetRelief will now have two people processing financial assistance cases; which is something our program has never had before. We are really thrilled to have two folks on the PVR Team doing their best to help our service members and their families!
As you probably already know, both Michael and Jeremy are veterans themselves. They have a different skill set and background that they bring to our organization. However, both are passionate about supporting their fellow comrades in whatever capacity they can. Having both of them working closely together will create a balance in our processes that will ultimately provide a higher quality service to those who need us.
Both gentlemen will be working on a part time basis, but their schedules are balanced so that a case worker will be in the office every work day. Below is their contact information and hours they will be in the office:

 Michael Beaven


Monday, Wednesday, Friday

8:00am – 4:00pm


 Jeremy Gottschalk


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

8:00am – 4:00pm




Advocate Corner:

“How to Build a Board Ready Case”

We have put together a list of items that will help “speed up” the
application process. Our goal is to help our veterans and theirfamilies in a promptly manner. However, the process can be delayed when we are waiting on supporting documentation or an Advocate to do an interview on our behalf. There have been situtions where a completed case has been submitted to the Board for Approval that same day because the Advocate followed these steps below.
1. Be sure application is filled out correctly. Ensure that the applicant, veteran or family member, has completed the entire financial assistance application.
One major thing to verify with the applicant is the Financial Information, or Section 4 on Page 3 of the form. It’s important that the applicant fill in the information for reoccurring monthly income and expenses; do not include one-time revenue or expense items. Another thing that gets overlooked is the signature on the bottom of Page 3. We will not be able to process a case without a signature.
2. Include all supporting documents. All required documents are necessary to complete a case: DD-214, Military ID Card or VA Card, Marriage and/or Birth Certificants (if applicable), Copy of Bills needing paid, Letter of Hardship, Pay Stubs, Social Security or Disability Award Letters. Additional documents may be necessary for completion, such as: adoption papers, employment offer letter, bank statements, etc.
The letter of hardship should explain how the applicant has fallen onto hard times and does not need to be a lengthy document of their entire life story. It should also state what type of funding they are seeking. (EX: one month’s rent, electric and gas bill, etc.)
One of the guidelines for funding is sustainability. To prove that an applicant is sustainable, proof of income is required.
3. Fill out Follow Up Report (PVR) or Investigator’s Report (TFA). Since you are already working with the applicant, go ahead and fill out the appropriate Follow Up or Investigator’s Report and send in with the veteran’s application.


Results from Commander’s Charity and Challenge

We’d like to thank the following Posts, Units, Squadrons and Chapters who have already submitted their donations (order is listed by date received, not by amount given):