VetRelief Advocates

Over 200 Legionnaires (veterans who are members of The American Legion, Department of Florida) are educated and trained annually by the Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs. These individuals visit service members and their families during times of need and provide expert assistance to obtain and use the federal and state benefits to which they are entitled. Stemming from a veteran’s organization, these compassionate folks are able to intimately relate to the stresses and challenges faced by our military families, then provide guidance based, not only on training, but also on personal experience. Best of all, there is never a fee for this service. All VetRelief Advocates generously volunteer their time and talent to our service men and women and their families.

VetRelief Advocate Duties:

  • Conducts personal visits during emergency situations
  • Assists in determining Emergency Assistance eligibility and funding needs
  • Meets with active and retired military members and their families to assess benefits earned
  • Helps prepare claims
  • Facilitates appointments
  • Provides follow up
  • Ensures that service members and their families know how to go about accessing benefits once awarded
  • Works closely with other agencies and organizations to utilize all community services available to our service members
  • Conducts outreach to inform the community of services offered
  • Advocates for veterans’ issues
  • Trains and mentors other VetRelief Advocates


Next Advocate Training Classes:

We will be holding our next training courses for VetRelief Advocates during the American Legion, Department of Florida’s Convention. Dates for the Convention are June 29, 2017-July 2, 2017 Class details will be announced closer to the event. Stay tuned for details.

*VetRelief Advocates must be a Legion Family Member (Legion, Auxiliary, and Sons of the American Legion members only).


CONTACT US to locate a VetRelief Advocate in your community.

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