Benefit Support

The American Legion has advocated for veterans’ benefits for many years, ushering in the modern VA, the GI Bill, and dozen of healthcare benefits. The American Legion has filed thousands of VA claims each year nationwide on behalf of America’s veterans. PROJECT: VetRelief utilizes the structure of The American Legion to pair active duty military, our veterans, and their families with an educated and trained VetRelief Advocate in their local area.

No service member should have to fight to receive what he or she has earned. Unfortunately, this happens everyday. PROJECT: VetRelief assures that our active and retired military members and their families can properly access and utilize the benefits earned with service. We can do this because we have been there. Our VetRelief Advocates have experience walking through the sometimes-tedious process of assessing benefits earned, applying for benefits, and then accessing those benefits properly. So, let those who have come before you light your path.


Areas where VetRelief Advocates may be able to provide assistance include, but are not limited to:

  • VA disability benefits
  • Compensation for a service related injury/disease
  • Medical care
  • Education entitlements
  • Vocational training
  • Housing options
  • Veteran nursing home access
  • Death and burial benefits
  • Benefits counseling
  • Other important related topics

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Benefits Support Process

  1. Local VetRelief Advocates meet one on one with active and retired military members and their families to assess what entitled benefits and privileges are available.
  2. From there, we help prepare the benefits claim for disability, compensation, hospitalization, naturalization, education/vocational training, etc.
  3. But we do more than just fill out paperwork; we are advocates, we are friends, and we are with you. We can set up and attend appointments, make calls, and follow up to ensure that benefits are awarded in a timely manner.
  4. PROJECT: VetRelief has relationships far and wide across the state. We might not have all the answers, but we know where to get them fast. This ensures that claims are completed quickly and accurately.

All services provided by PROJECT: VetRelief are at no cost to those served.

To locate a VetRelief Advocate in your community please contact our PROJECT: VetRelief Case Worker.