We are so thrilled to learn about all of the upcoming fundraising events through the Legion Family. Remember, the Legion’s Department Commander, Steve Shuga, chose PROJECT: VetRelief as his primary charity of choice. He would like for the Legion Family to help him reach his goal of $50,000.
Here’s how the Commander has chosen for the donations to be processed:
Any donation turned in and marked as “Commander’s Project” will count towards his goal and deposited into the Legion bank account. During the Department Convention in June 2018, one large check, or donation, will be issued to PROJECT: VetRelief.
Donations written directly to PROJECT: VetRelief will be deposited into the PVR account and funds will be used automatically for financial assistance cases. These donations will not count towards the Commander’s goal.
However, both forms of donations will count towards the PVR Challenge. The Challenge details are still the same as last year where Posts are encouraged to donate $1.00 per member of their Post. Challange incentives will be announced during the Fall Conference in November.
If you are planning an event, we would like to hear all about it so we can promote in our monthly newsletters, on the PROJECT: VetRelief website and Facebook page. We also have promotional materials that we can send for your events. Contact Jennifer Cooper by sending an email to with all of the details!