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PVR Bulletin – April 2022



The Florida Legion Riders kicked off their month-long efforts to raise funds and awareness for PROJECT: VetRelief’s Suicide Prevention Initiative. During this month, Chapters host rides, dinners, and other activities to earn points for the coveted District Trophy. The In-State Unity Ride and State Rally also take place: all of which the proceeds benefit PVR/SPI.

Each year, they set the bar higher and higher on the amount of support they provide our SPI program. However, the Legion Riders know their veteran community is counting on them and are always up for the challenge! They brought in nearly $115,000 last year, and want to raise more this year.


al’s page, to an ALR Chapter Team page, or donate directly to the entire event efforts. However you choose to support, your generosity will be applied towards the joint cause of ending veteran suicide!

Join the In-State Unity Ride – The Ride will be split into two routes: Atlantic and Gulf. Both routes will start from Lake City, FL which will include a Meet & Greet on Sunday, April 24th, and officially begin the next day (April 25th). Riders will stop at American Legion Posts along the way to collect donations. During the last day, both routes will team up to ride together and end in Tampa, FL.

We hope everyone will sign up and we encourage you to create your fundraising page. The more funds you raise to end veteran suicide the more COOL PRIZES you’ll earn.

Ride Virtually – If you are unable to attend the actual ride, we have the Virtual Rider ($5) option. You can ride at least 22 miles and post a photo on your social media account using #iRideforthe22. Virtual Riders will be eligible for the COOL PRIZES, too.

Make a Donation – Make your donation to an individual’s page, to an ALR Chapter Team page, or donate directly to the entire event efforts. However you choose to support, your generosity will be applied towards the joint cause of ending veteran suicide!

Visit a Post Stop – Our riders would love to see your smiling faces as they pull into their next pit stop along their journey. Check out the Route agendas and plan to welcome them in from the road!

Attend the State Rally – Upon completion of the In-State Unity Ride, April 30th, a Rally will be held in celebration at the OCC Road House & Museum in Clearwater. There will be live music, vendors, and raffles. The Rally is open to the public at no cost!

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PVR Bulletin – March 2022


We are extremely excited to officially announce that we recently welcomed Patty Halliday and Lois Halliday to the PROJECT: VetRelief Board of Directors!

Patty has been involved with American Legion Auxiliary since she was very young but has been a continuous member for twelve years under her father, Donald Halliday. She has also been the Department’s Secretary for the past five years and is a proud Navy veteran spouse. Lois served honorably in the United States Navy for four years and has held dual membership in the Legion and Auxiliary for seven years. She’s been on many Auxiliary committees from the Unity, District, and Department levels and is currently the Department’s Assistant Sergeant at Arms. Both ladies have expressed that they are honored to be on the PVR Board and looking forward to further helping Florida’s veterans.


In October, PVR issued an invitation to the American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Florida Executive Committee (DEC) to invite 1-2 representatives to join our Board of Directors. Their DEC entertained nominations, held a vote, and elected Patty Halliday, their Department Secretary, and Lois Halliday. As an official program to The American Legion, Department of Florida, it was important to have the voice and influence of the entire Florida Legion Family, which includes the Auxiliary.

We are extremely grateful that the current Auxiliary Department President, Wanda Brandt, chose to support our program for her year. She pioneered the Auxiliary’s involvement from the Department level and opened the door of opportunity to engage their membership. However, Auxiliary members have always been welcomed to attend our classes and engage in our program.

Please help us welcome both Patty and Lois to our team!

Upcoming Suicide Prevention Events

Whether it’s a ruck walk, educational seminar, or speaking engagement, there’s no shortage of opportunities to alert our communities through our PVR/SPI Challenge 22 events on this serious issue our veterans are facing. These events are designed to encompass fundraising, creating awareness, and educating our communities on the importance of mental health within our veteran communities and understanding the severity of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).