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Happy New Year!

As we reflect on the accomplishments of 2014, we look towards the future for 2015…

In November 2014 The American Legion, Department of Florida announced the launch of their newest program, PROJECT: VetRelief.  Within just two months, word has spread throughout the Legion Family via email, mail, and word of mouth.  Many of you have viewed the new website, watched our originally produced videos, heard a presentation, participated in training, or visited with the PROJECT: VetRelief team at Fall Conference or here at Department Headquarters.  THANK YOU all for your participation and interest!

We are excited to have covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time, but there is still so much work to do in 2015 and we NEED YOUR HELP to continue getting our message out there.  Here’s how you can assist:

With your help, PROJECT: VetRelief will be able to engage more volunteers, conduct community outreach, implement new programs, and, most importantly, provide much needed emergency assistance and benefits support to more and more of our service members and their families across the state.


PROJECT: VetRelief Recognition Program

January 1, 2015 – May 31, 2015

Posts, Squadrons, Chapters, and Units will be awarded with the Meritorious Service Award and a corresponding level of achievement medal at the 2015 Department Convention, in addition to other benefits, in recognition of your support of PROJECT: VetRelief.


  • $30,000 Cumulative Contribution
  • Receives Plaque & Gold Dog Tag Emblem


  • $20,000 Cumulative Contribution
  • Receives Plaque & Silver Dog Tag Emblem


  • $10,000 Cumulative Contribution
  • Receives Plaque & Bronze Dog Tag Emblem


  • $5,000 Cumulative Contribution
  • Receives Plaque & Partner Dog Tag Emblem

(Note: levels of support are cumulative based on all individual donations from your Post, Squadron, Chapter, or Unit.)


  • Present awards during Department Convention
  • Announce your support in The PROJECT: VetRelief Bulletin
  • Publicize your support through social media
  • Acknowledge your Post, Squadron, Chapter, or Unit on our website
  • Provide recognition in the PROJECT: VetRelief Annual Report
  • Extend advance invitations to PROJECT: VetRelief events

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The American Legion

Welcome to the Good Fight

Thank you American Legion, Department of Florida for Fighting the Good Fight!PROJECT: VetRelief, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, was launched as a program of The American Legion, Department of Florida with the expressed purpose of driving funds and services straight into the hands of Florida’s service members and their families.  To do this, The American Legion, Department of Florida committed to fund all administrative, volunteer, and advocacy efforts, allowing contributions raised by PROJECT: VetRelief to funnel directly into service provisions.


Meet the Team

Jennifer CooperJennifer Cooper impacts the lives of our service members in communities throughout the state with her creativity and passion to help others. Her wide-ranging knowledge of fundraising, event management, and social media, combined with her technical and artistic skills, make her an essential part of the PROJECT: VetRelief team.

Jennifer received her Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Graphics Technology from Purdue University and, bolstering her desire to make an impact, she joined the nonprofit industry in 2012. Jennifer’s responsibilities as Creative Services Director with PROJECT: VetRelief consists of website design and management, collateral creation, social media messaging, and event support.

Meet Other Team Members


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