PVR Bulletin – Sept 2018


Are you interested in joining the VetRelief Team and helping us assist veterans within your community? We have an extreme shortage of Advocates to help us do interviews as a part of the financial assistance application process for emergency funding.
What does it take to become an Advocate?
Ideally, we would like for you attend a training course during the Department Convention or Fall Conference. If you are unable to make it, or want to help before the next class, you can chat with one of our Case Workers, Michael Beaven or Jeremy Gottschalk, and they will walk you through the requirements.
Who can be an Advocate?
Any member of the American Legion Family can be a VetRelief Advocate. Members of the Sons and Auxiliary are able to do interviews for PROJECT: VetRelief cases only. National’s Temporary Financial Assistance Program (TFA) requires an interview to be conducted by a member of a Legion Post.
How much time does it take to do an interview?
Typically, each case can require up to 2-5 hours to complete but will vary depending on the applicant and their family.
Do I have to go to the applicant’s home?
No, you can hold interviews at your Legion Post.
If you are interested, please send an email to Jennifer Cooper at jcooper@floridalegion.org.

YOU MAY HAVE HEARD: Suicide Prevention

YOU MAY HAVE HEARD that PROJECT: VetRelief was teaming up with The American Legion, Department of Florida’s Chaplain, Barry Roberts, 6th District Vice Commander, Kurt Gies, and Department VA Entitlement Chairman, Larry Roberts, to raise awareness on veterans’ suicide. This rumor is definitely true!
This team of dedicated veterans is passionate about ending veteran‘s suicide. The PVR Board feels like this would be a great addition to our mission, and expanding our efforts to help one veteran each day. Currently, we are referring to their initiative as Veteran’s H.O.P.E., but we will be operating under the established Legion program and 501c3, PROJECT:VetRelief.
At this time, we are all working together, under the guidance of the PVR Board, to iron out a step by step approach to assist a veteran in desperate need. This collaboration, in its infancy stage, will hopefully make a dent in the veteran suicide rate.
PROJECT: VetRelief welcomes the opportunity for these three veterans to help guide us within this new expanded initiative; not only to raise awareness, but to make a larger impact and hopefully save lives.
If you are interested in getting involved or learning more about PROJECT: VetRelief’s Suicide Prevention Program, please send an email to outraged@floridalegion.org.