PVR Bulletin – January 2018

The Challenge Continues…

The Challenge is simple – raise $1.00 per member of your Post!
The PVR Challenge Goal is based on the Membership Goals provided by National. For example, Post 208’s Membership Goal is 2,507, therefore their goal is to raise $2,507. This goal can be reached by making a one-time donation for their goal amount, or providing several donations throughout the year.
All individual donations submitted between July 1, 2017 and June 15, 2018 will automatically go towards the Challenge. Also, any donation that is turned in through the Commander’s Project and earmarked for PVR will also count.
  • Donations can be sent to: PROJECT: VetRelief, 1912A Lee Road, Orlando, FL 32810
  • Donations must be turned in by June 15, 2018 to count towards recognition awards
  • Money raised during Post fundraising events will also count
Starting next month we will post a leader board of all donations received and which District is leading the way. Awards will be given at Department Convention based on percentage of goal met, not by the total dollar amount given.

Legion Family Spotlight

5th District: 2-Liter Bottle Challenge

The Mighty 5th District fully understands the needs of Veterans and embraces PROJECT:VetRelief’s mission to fill these needs. We looked around for a way to raise money and have fun at the same time. Our “Bottle Challenge” was what we finally came up with.
We started with a 2-liter bottle; which can hold approximately $700 in dimes. Our thought was that with our 16 Posts within our District, we could potentially raise $11,200! However, our members decided to take it a step further to make a larger impact; they wanted to donate more than just dimes! Some Posts have simply cut off the tops of the bottle and other Posts redesigned the bottle altogether. To date, the 5th District has raised about $2,000 so far!
Additionally, we have sent two bottles to the 15th District; of which, one has already been filled. Since the 5th and 15th Districts are already filling bottles, we challenge you, or those in the other Districts, to see if you can catch up to us and raise more!! – Are you up for the challenge?
Article submitted by: Sheri Rodriguez, Post 372 Adjutant & Service Officer


Jeremy recently joined the PVR Team as a Case Worker. He is a Navy veteran who served for 11 years, stationed primarily in Hawaii, and had two tours in Africa.
Transitioning back into the civilian lifestyle was not easy for Jeremy, but he thankfully had a support system to get him through his trying times. He is very passionate about helping his fellow comrades through the similar struggles he overcame.
Please help us welcome him to the team!


Things you should know!

Michael Beaven will be out of the office beginning January 3rd and will be undergoing surgery. He will be gone for approximately two months. If you’d like to send words of encouragement, please send to Department Headquarters with attention to Jennifer Cooper.
► PVR does not fund security deposits when moving into a new
place of residence.
► An applicant must live within the state of Florida for 120 days in order to be eligible for assistance.
► The PVR office was closed starting December 23rd and reopened on January 3rd. Please be patient as we work through calls received during that time.

Holding an Event? – Tell Us About It!

Don’t forget to tell us about your PROJECT: VetRelief fundraising events! We want to help you promote it in our monthly newsletters, on Facebook, and on our website. There are also promotional materials that we can send to you.
Also – Commander Steve Shuga’s primary charity of choice is PROJECT: VetRelief. Any donation turned in and marked as “Commander’s Project” will count towards his goal and deposited into the Legion bank account. During the Department Convention in
July 2018, one large check, or donation, will be issued to PROJECT: VetRelief.
However, you can still write donations directly to PROJECT: VetRelief and write Commander’s Project in the memo line to count towards his goal of $50,000! All donations from Posts, whether to the Commander’s Project, or made directly to PROJECT: VetRelief, will count towards the PVR Challenge!
Make sure to contact Jennifer Cooper by sending an email to
jcooper@floridalegion.org with all of your fundraising details!