PVR Bulletin – December 2017

Legion Family Spotlight:

Post 63 – Challenge 22 Event
American Legion, Post 63 in Winter Garden successfully completed its inaugural event, Challenge 22, and raised more than $12,000 for PROJECT: VetRelief! The event was held on Saturday, November 18th, 2017, with the hopes to bring greater awareness to their community of the alarming 22 veteran suicides that happen every day. Backed by the motto, #22UntilZero, this fundraiser/5k walk and concert was derived from the popular silkies-ruck walk that have been helping younger veterans cope with post war loss.
Although recruiting and renewing membership is always a goal, the volunteered event committee, led by Ms. Ashley Moir and Mr. Kurt Gies, decided that the event must highlight the epidemic of veteran suicides; which personally impacted their members. The goal was to reach the younger veteran community, and offer help and hope to those struggling with PTSD and life off the battlefield.
“Hopefully this is just the beginning of a nationwide movement of the American Legion to bring awareness to the community behind solving this crisis”, said Vice Commander Kurt Gies. “The VA does a good job fixing the broken bones and putting a bandage on the wounds, but because their government, they can’t touch the sole or spirit. It’s time we put God back into the equation, as our Preamble states ‘For God and Country’, and God comes first”.
They chose PROJECT: VetRelief as the beneficiary of Challenge 22and their HOPE is that we can maybe deter a veteran suicide by providing financial assistance during their time of need. Ms. Moir and Mr. Gies, along with the committee, have made sure this event can be duplicated by creating a template and established resourses so that other Legion Posts could hold a similar event.
If you would like to host a Challenge 22 or want more information, contact Kurt Gies at americanlegion63@cfl.rr.com



As you may or may not know, PROJECT: VetRelief has recently seen a tremendous increase in the number of financial assistance applications. In fact, when comparing the first 4 months of the fiscal
year, we have already seen a 21% growth rate and have given $11,610.44 more than we did last year in emergency assistance. Those numbers are only going to increase as we continue through the Legion year.
Additionally, the American Legion National Headquarters changed
their funding guidelines for their Temporary Financial Assistance program. Now, applicants must be an American Legion
member in good standing or serving on activity duty orders to be
eligible. An applicant must also have a child 17 years or younger and
have exhaused all military options for assistance before applying.
The result of these changes will impact PROJECT: Vetrelief significantly by creating an additional financial strain to our program.
We are asking that you help ensure that we are able to continue our
mission by making a year-end contribution. As you make your final
2017 tax-deductible donations, please consider the immediate, and in some cases life altering, impact you can make on Florida’s veterans, active duty military members, and their families.
Your year-end gift will move us one step closer to reaching our goal of helping one veteran or military family for every work day – that’s 260 families. Best wishes for a bright and beautiful holiday season, from our family here at PROJECT: VetRelief.
P.S. You will make a difference with your tax-deductible donation of any amount.

Fall Conference Wrap-Up

Thank you to everyone who took advantage of the many PROJECT: VetRelief opportunities during The American Legion, Department of Florida Fall Conference. Take a look at all of the exciting things that happened!
  • Held very first Introduction to Post Leadership class
  • Trained several NEW VetRelief Advocates
  • Hosted inaugural Networking Event for trained Advocates
  • Presented during Service Officer School and Legion’s General Session
  • Received $13,771 during Legion’s General Session donation call
  • Updated Legion Family membership on changes to National’s TFA program
  • Awarded Board Vice-President, Bob James, for recent upgrade to Gold Sponsorship Level
  • Distributed NEW marketing materials at the PVR Booth