Every year the Florida Legion Department Commander encourages Legion Posts to raise money for a specific charity, or charities, for their Fundraising Project. Steve Shuga, thenewly elected Department Commander, has chosen PROJECT: VetRelief as his primary chartiy of choice.

Commander Shuga has set a goal to collect a total of $50,000 during his one-year term as Department Commander. The Legion Posts are asked to make a one-time donation or hold fundraising event(s) to help him reach his goal.

Once the goal of $50,000 has been met, he has decided that any additional donations submitted will go towards other Florida Legion Programs. However, the Legion Family can still contribute to PVR by making donations directly payable to PROEJCT: VetRelief.

As an added bonus, any donations that are submitted through the Commander’s Fundraising Project will also count towards the PVR Challenge. The Challenge details are still the same as last year where Posts are encouraged to donate $1.00 per member of their Post. However, the Challange incentives will be different than last year, and will be announced during the Fall Conference in November. Be sure you don’t miss out on this great opportunity!